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my change is here to stay


2nd Corinthians 5:17  ~ When anyone is in Christ, it is a whole new world. The old things are gone; suddenly, everything is new! (Easy-to Read Version)

We say, “I WANT CHANGE” ~ I Want Different Results.

The truth is, we keep doing the same things thinking we are going to get different results.  NO ONE is exempt from this truth.  So the shoe does fit; some tighter than others; but nevertheless, we all have worn this shoe.

We will change our hairstyle, hair color and style of dress, hoping for a different outcome of what people thought of us and how people treat us.  We figured if we did those things, people would take us more seriously, view us differently, even treat us differently in our friendships and relationship and yet we miss the mark.  We have even gone so far as to change our location, some cross country, with the intentions of having a fresh start and our old habits and attractions follow us.  After going through such great lengths to “CHANGE” all we did was change our look and scenery never changing what was in side.

Change is something that presses us out of our comfort zone.  It is destiny-filtered, heart grown, faith built. Change is inequitable; not a respecter of persons.  Change is for the better or for the worst, depending on where you view it.  Change has an adjustment period which varies on the individual.  It is uncomfortable, for changing from one state to the next upsets our control over outcomes. Change has a ripping effect on those who won’t let go. Flexibility is the key.  Even a roller coaster ride can be fun if you know when to lean and create new balance within the change.  Change is needed when all the props and practices of the past no longer work. Change is not comforted by the statement ‘just hang in there’ but with the statement ‘you can make it’.  We don’t grow in retreat, but through endurance.  Change isn’t fixed by crying, worrying, or mental treadmilling.  Change is won by victors not victims; and that choice is ours.

Change is awkward — at first.  Change is a muscle that develops to abundantly enjoy the dynamics of the life set before us.  Change calls own strength beyond anyone of us.  Change pushes you to do your personal best.  Change draws out those poised for a new way.  Change isn’t for chickens.  Change does have casualties of those defeated.  Change will cause us to churn or to learn.  Change changes the speed of time.  Time is so slow for the reluctant, and yet it is a whirlwind for those who embrace it.  Change is more fun to do than to be done to. Change seeks a better place at the end and is complete when you realize you are different.

Change is measured by its impact on all who are connected to it.  Change is charged when you are dissatisfied with where you are.  Change doesn’t look for a resting-place;  just the next launching point.  Change is only a waste to those who don’t learn from it.  Change happens in the heart before it is proclaimed by our works;  Changing men moving slower than the change itself.  If you can change before you have to change, there will be less pain.  Change can flow or jerk, depending on our resistance to it.  Change uses the power invested in the unseen to reinvent what is seen. Change is like driving in a fog – you can’t see very far, but you can make the whole trip that way.

 Change is Here to Stay!

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