REJOICE!!!! ~ Celebrate Your Victories!

rejoice wednesday

Psalms 9:2-3

You make me happy, so I will rejoice in you. God Most High, I praise your name.

My enemies turned to run from you, but they fell and were destroyed.

This verse brings to my mind how David is celebrating his victory over Goliath.  Today what victories are you celebrating.

The sweet singers of Israel is ecstatic over all God’s marvelous works.  Here David is not thinking so much of God’s deeds in creation or redemption but of God’s spectacular feats in crushing the nation’s foes.  David gives all the glory to God–none to himself and not to man’s weapons or skill.  With every fiber of his being, David honors and magnifies the name of the Most High.  The example of David’s love and devotion to the Lord makes many of us realize how cold and unresponsive we often are.

Then he reminisces about God’s epic battle, One sight of Him will cause the enemies to turn back and flee.  They shall fall in panicky disarray and perish before they can escape.

I say to you. REJOICE and celebrate small and large victories.

Continue to Be Blessed and Highly Favored In God!

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