Decluttering and Preparing to be Strengthened in our Prayer Closets and Time!

Learning to pray and turn it over to GOD.  Many times we will pray but never truly turn the prayer request over to GOD.  We continue to hold the request and even sometimes try to orchestrate the blessing for others.  We even sometimes pray with the side eye of whether GOD will do it because it has not happened.  When we do these things, among other things, which wasn’t named, we cut off the full potential of the blessing, the breakthrough, the healing or the deliverance for that person.

When we don’t turn things over to GOD, we can become overwhelmed; our vision and judgment can become impaired also.

I say, let GOD do what he does best and we do what we are called to do – Let HIM work through us.


Shepherdess Natasha C. Pearman-Pile

(aka Totsie)

Continue to be Blessed and Highly Favored in GOD!
Today, Don’t Just Be Great ~ Be Encouraging, Wise and Patient with the Spirit of the Living GOD Shining Through You! Registered & Protected
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