MATTERS of the HEART can be a Road of Blessings or a Highway of Destruction!


GOD is Knocking at the Doors of Your HEART ~ LET HIM IN!
Proverbs 4:23 NIV
Above all else, guard your heart, for everything you do flows from it.
Sometimes our hearts can do one of two things; Lead us down a Path of Righteousness and Blessings or a Highway of Destruction.  Whatever our hearts harbor; be it hate, resentment, downtrodden, hurt or disappointed, that is what shall flow from us in life.  When we harbor those types of feelings of hurt, disappointment, resentment, unwantedness, jealousy and envy, we will tend to gravitate to things that feed those feelings and emotions, such as self inflicted pain, hurt, drama and tragedies–most of all we become dependent upon outside things to feed that area such as drugs, alcohol, sex, toxic relationship to name a few.  But when you harbor love, joy, compassion, peace, loving-kindness and patience, you will see that the presence of GOD will flow from you and everyone that is around you and connected to you will benefit and be blessed.

Your dependency on GOD has made you independent .

Continue to be Blessed and Highly Favored in GOD!
Today, Don’t Just Be Great ~ Be Encouraged by the Spirit of the Living GOD to be A Blessing to those You Pass by in Your Day to Day Life! Registered & Protected
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