Divine Interruption

July 27, 2021

Divine Interruptions!

07 27 2021 something new happening

Some of us are at an unwanted change—a crisis moment—meaning we must decide whether or not to leave behind the life that has not been working for us, or the life that has made us comfortable in our dissatisfactions, disappointments, frustrations, discontentment and unhappiness.

Are you praying for GOD to interrupt your life? Or has GOD already tried to interrupt your life and you rejected His invitation? 

GOD’S interruption means He wants to speak new truth to us, to lead us in a new direction, to infuse new purpose and meaning into our lives.  Far to long, we have allowed our lives to become mundane,  stagnated,  a life of ease and comfort, self-centeredness and without purpose.   Most of us have become comfortable in being dissatisfied, disappointed, frustrated, discontent and unhappy.  Let GOD in so that you may receive the new opportunity of hope that is waiting for you.

GOD’S interruption means we’re not forgotten, nor forsaken, nor are we simply and afterthought or a footnote.  HIS interruption means we are chosen to do something specifically designed by Him and for HIM.