“Thriving” LIVE Like You Matter!

"Thriving" LIVE Like You Matter!

Thrive live like you matter


(a condition beyond mere survival, implying growth and positive development.)

What does it mean when someone is thriving?

 If someone or something thrives, they do well and are successful, healthy, or strong. Synonyms: prosper, do well, flourish or increase.

I want to add my definition to thriving.

To thrive is to maximize yourself in the blessing of GOD.  Therefore, you will always be flourishing—meaning I survive and even thrive spiritually to the extent that I habitually seek and enjoy spiritual experiences—that I invite, treasure, and learn from the Spirit of God.

When I habitually seek, invite and treasure the presence of GOD and His Spirit, I am able to grow without hinderance—I don’t feel stuck in my walk with GOD.

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