Prayer For Our Cities ~ Our Relationships and Connections

Tonight, we surrender our relationships unto to GOD that He may sanctify them. Friends, families, intimate, working and spiritual relationships. We surrender them tonight. We need GOD to transform us in our relationships so that we may bring honor to His Name.

GOD, some of us are struggling in our relationships. We need You to give us wisdom on how to love those around us with the love of Christ. You are our shield and defender. Show us how, when and where to erect boundaries in our relationship.

GOD you are our healer and we trust you to guard our hearts and mind. We need Your specific directions on how to interact with our friends, coworkers, families, our significant others, our neighbors and mentors. Our pastors and community leaders—show us how to interact with our city officials and our law enforcement—show us how to interact with our police officers who are here in our cities to protect and serve us. Give us directions Lord. Registered & Protected
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