Welcome to “Power Surge Ministries, LLC” where in the best of the times, the worst of time, high and low times and your darkest hour, Prayer, Motivation, Encouragement and Lots of Laughs is always the order of the day.
Power Surge Ministries, LLC is a prophetic ministry canvased and etched out of the imagination of the mind of GOD. Through the Mind of GOD and His Spirit we are enabled to create a safe place for His men and women of GOD to be restored, healed, delivered, set free as well as to be encouraged, inspired and motivated through the sight, sound and solutions that our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ has ordained for His people to effect change in the world. Power Surge Ministries’ destiny is to create, impart and release a powerful domino effect of the prophetic manifestations of the Holy Spirit through His Word, His Love, Joy, Peace and the Prophetic ministry causing those that are new as well as those that are mature in Christ to draw closer to GOD and expand their experience and relationship with HIM in an unusual and supernatural way.


Our Desire is to:

Encourage an improved deeper relationship and dialogue with God.
Encourage wellness, wholeness and increased faith to the mind, body and soul.
Encourage the gifts of God within to manifest and come alive in us.
Lots and Lots and I mean lots of humor, laughs and common sense where sense is not always common.


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