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Shepherdess Natasha C. Pearman-Pile


Let me introduce myself. My name is Natasha C. Pearman-Pile, and I am known as the Good Shepherdess; I am an agent of change for GOD, entrepreneur with a kingdom agenda in mind rather than just a consumerist one. I have published two books—GOD’S Created Circumstance and Unlocking the Supernatural Power of GOD through Prayer. Additionally, I am the voice of Midnight Manna and Prayer for Our Cities. Further, I am the founder of Power Surge Ministries which helps individuals experience and deepen their relationship with GOD. As a Holistic Health and Wellness Lifestyle Coach, my passion is to motivate, encourage, coach, and promote healthy lifestyle habits that are beneficial to Mind, Body, and Spirit. Finally, I am currently enrolled in a master’s degree program in Christian Counseling.

The Spirit of GOD rests, rules and dwells within me, so I can be the kind of sister, friend or aunt who is willing to get down in the trenches with you and pray for you. I can remind, encourage, motivate and confirm GOD’S Promise, your worthiness and importance. GOD has appointed me as a bridge that creates connection between many people and their closer relationship with GOD and their own selves through meaningful events, videos, writing pieces and images.

My family is my heart. After being married to Vence Pile for 30+ years, and having a daughter, Diedra, I am now a blogger and podcaster of Power Surge Ministries, providing motivation and encouragement through laughter. Additionally, I have been an Evangelist for over two (2) decades, working as an Elder and Chief Adjutant Mother at the Reaching Out For Jesus Christian Center in Brodheadsville, Pennsylvania under Bishop Kenneth L. Pearman.

I Think Everything is Funny

I don’t take myself too seriously

I have made it a point to Enjoy and Embrace Life with Passion Registered & Protected
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