Amplified Life Coaching & Consulting

I am called, by GOD, to a sacred position of trust that authorizes me to create a safe place to nurture and speak into the lives of pastors, first ladies, independent ministry leaders and those that are in need of spiritual organization in their lives, business or ministry.

I get to do what I love with a passion—Train, Equip, Motivate, Encourage, Coach and Promote a healthy lifestyle for the whole person, thereby, enhancing and enabling GOD’S Called to be to be effective in their churches, ministries and business. GOD has called me to your trenches to pray you through in crisis, create a safe place for you to learn, grieve, gripe, laugh and cry while providing much needed encouragement and spiritual balance in your life through sight, sound and solutions that effect change in the following: Spiritual Growth, Proclamation, Personal Development and Professional Growth.

Who are We Serving—YOU!

New and Matured Pastors and First Ladies, Independent Ministry Leaders and those in need of Spiritual Organization in their lives, businesses or ministry.

COMING SOON! Registered & Protected
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