Lift Someone’s Expectations Today!

Stop Looking For Yesterday’s Move of God!

front seat of your destiny

Today, is a day that we have never seen before; why treat it like yesterday? Yesterday is done. We have an opportunity to grow and be better parents, spouses, lovers and friends. If this list does not fit you how about better employees, teachers, preachers, role models and the such. The bottom lines is that we are striving for perfection; making a concentrated effort to be better.

So often we try to compare our intimate relationship, journey and experience in God to someone else’s experience. God is such an awesome God, He knows that He could never bless us all the same because we all have a unique way about us that not even the enemy can duplicate because God made it that way. Therefore, our blessings will not be the same because He knows the level our needs, weaknesses, strength and desires are different, duplex and sometimes down right complicated (Do you see yourself in this?).

I Say, embrace the move of God in Your Life! ~ God is Moving You to The Front Seat Of

Today, I challenge  YOU To:

Be Patient, God will move in an Unusual Way, Stop Looking For Yesterday’s Move of God and Anticipate and Unusual and New Move Of God In Every Area of Your Life!

May You Continue To Be Blessed and Highly Favored In God!
Today, Don’t Just Be Great ~ Be On the Other Side of Brilliance! Registered & Protected