Tea Time Intercessory Prayer ~ Breaking the Yoke of Limitations!

Breaking the Yoke of Limitations!

tea time intercessory prayer 09 02 2014

For most of us, life is simply a matter of reacting to what comes along and Victory, Triumph and Success is just “the luck of the draw.”  Sometimes it is good to look back in time and see all of those choices we made and recognize the very choice that let us to where we are today.  At each of those “Places of Choices or Crossroad”, we probably felt that we chose the best roads and options available us at that particular time.  When I begin to truly evaluate some of the choices I made, I discovered that there were more options and resources than I was taking advantage of and that it was only blocks in my thinking that kept me confined to not reaching my full potential in my life and family, in ministry and my career.  Had I chosen differently, I would have achieved even more and experienced greater success in my life and family, ministry, relationships, dreams and aspirations.

I am so glad that I serve a GOD of second chances; it is not too late to learn from our past, realize how we got where we are and enjoy the journey of discovering how to get where we want to be–In GOD, in our lives, marriages, relationships, careers and the many doors of opportunities we have neglected to go through.

Remember, We don’t Have to Go Through This Journey Alone ~ THE LORD IS WITH US!

Continue to Be Blessed and Highly Favored In God!

Today, Don’t Just Be Great ~ Be On The Other Side Of Brilliance!


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