How Do I Tune in to GOD’S Voice?



Have you ever noticed how sometimes God’s agenda doesn’t seem to match yours? I have. Nowhere have I found this to be more the case than when it comes to my expectations regarding hearing God’s voice. In my life I’ve often felt a need to hear God’s voice about a great variety of things: jobs, decisions, relationships, finances, direction etc. I believe God certainly cares about those kinds of things and does speak to us about those kinds of things. But I’ve come to understand in the last few years that those really aren’t the center of what God wants to speak about.

God knows something we are at times slow to learn. Everything listed above that I “need” to hear God about are circumstantial issues. Every item on that list has to do with God guiding or providing within the circumstances I’m facing. Again, God definitely does lead and supply in a very real and circumstantial way, but I don’t think that’s his primary objective. God knows that changing my circumstances will not change me and his objective is the transformation of my heart and mind. Though he cares about my circumstances, he’s aware that the strategic target of his powerful voice needs to be internal, not external. If his desire is to transform me so that I can become the person I was created and redeemed to be (thank you Totsie), and if transforming my circumstances will not accomplish that goal (which it won’t), then it only makes sense that God is primarily interested in talking to me about the stuff on the inside of me, more than the stuff on the outside of me.

To grow in hearing God’s voice, we might need to adjust the dial a bit – change the frequency on our receiver. I think we need to tune in to the frequency on which God is transmitting. He is speaking creatively. He is speaking transformationally. He is speaking about who we are and who he is. He is speaking about the core beliefs of our heart that are deeply embedded in our thought processes, emotional reactions, and assumptions about God and ourselves. If we begin to ask God what he wants to say to us about that, we might be surprised at how easy it becomes to hear God’s voice.

I believe that as we grow in this way, it will then also become easier to recognize God’s voice when he does want to speak to us about circumstantial issues, which he does and will. When we approach things this way, however, even his guidance and provision will become a revelation to us of who he is and who we are in him. Even his power released externally will be transformational internally.

Continue to Be Blessed and Highly Favored in GOD!
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