MIDNIGHT MANNA ~ Innovation Part: 4

May 9, 2020

GOD is Our Way Forward!

Understanding the Process in the Move of GOD in Your Life!

GOD is transforming us with increased strength and strategic wisdom suited to the unique, new territory He is calling us to enter.

Isaiah 43:18-19 (ETRV)

18 So don’t remember what happened in earlier times. Don’t think about what happened a long time ago, 19 because I am doing something new! Now you will grow like a new plant. Surely you know this is true. I will even make a road in the desert, and rivers will flow through that dry land.

As I have lean into God’s presence in this season of what feels like isolation, He is yet leading and guiding me to take this time of isolation to allow Him to redefine, recalibrate and regenerate my mind, body and spirit that I may live and function in the upgraded promises and the sharpness of clarity that He has purposed for my life.

God is redefining and recalibrating, but with the intention of increase, not demise.

Redefine—means to “give new meaning to.”

Recalibrate—means to change the way we do or think about something.

Regenerate—means to change radically and for the better—new growth, reform or reborn (to restored)

GOD is inviting us, right now, to a fresh sanctification of our lives unto Him. 

Continue to be Blessed and Highly Favored in GOD!

Today, Don’t Just Be Great ~ Be a Life of Transformation Unto GOD!