Season 1: Episode 10 ~ Day 10 of 14 Days of Prayer for Our Cities

July 10, 2021

Trustworthiness for Our Community Leaders and City Officials

Let the morning, but also the noon and night bring us words of your unfailing love; for your love is better than life, your faithfulness is the heartbeat of our hope and your word is the foundation of all trust.

Show us the way forward. We don’t know how to navigate our way through a bruised and broken trust for our community leaders, city officials nor one another. Some of us have just gotten back from “Egypt,” with fresh convictions, there’s nothing trustworthy there. Some of us are humbled and hurting from trusting too much in “horses, chariots and horsemen.” Suspicion is now our daily bread—withdrawal is our natural feeling; and skepticism has become our constant companion.

Proverbs 10:9 (AMP)
9 He who walks uprightly walks securely, but he who takes a crooked way shall be found out and punished.

May those leaders be found out tonight and moved out. Expose their agenda tonight.

Proverbs 28:6-10 (ETRV)
6 It is better to be poor and honest than rich and evil.
7 A smart son obeys the laws, but a son who spends time with worthless people brings shame to his father.
8 If you get rich by charging high interest rates, your wealth will go to someone who is kind to the poor.
9 When people do not listen to God’s teachings, he does not listen to their prayers.
10 Those who plan to hurt good people will fall into their own traps, but good things will happen to those who are good.