Prayer For Our Cities ~ Community Leaders and City Officials

We don’t know how to navigate our way through bruised and broken trust for our community leaders, city officials nor one another.

GOD, Suspicion has become our daily bread—withdrawal is our natural feeling and skepticism has become our constant companion. Some of us are humbled and hurting from trusting too much in “horses, chariots and horsemen.”

The adversary relishes these moments and season of distrust among your people. The enemy has fertilized the roots of bitterness—waters the sprouts of self-righteousness; he prunes the trees of ugliness; and relishes in the fruit of dissension and disunity.

Too often we forget the ways of Your Word and are not sensitive to the devil’s schemes.

Pour out Your Spirit upon every community leader and city officials—Anoint them afresh to be worthy of trust, dependable, upstanding, sincere, genuine and able to be relied on to do what is right for our communities, cities and the people that dwell in them. Registered & Protected
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