I’m Doing Me! At What Price

 What Does It Cost—When You Say “I’m Doing Me!”

We have made several mindless New Year’s, Birthday, Heartbreak and Break-Up Resolutions and some of those “I’m Doing Me” resolutions have been: Life Changing Uplifting Growth and Empowering Most of all, these resolutions are and is beneficial to your mind, body and soul and those around us benefit as well. And on the other hand, some of our “I’m Doing Me” resolutions have been: Self-destructive Offensive to others Impulsive Hurtful When I ask the question, “What Does It Cost—When You Say, “I’m Doing Me!”—What did it cost us?  Were all the changes and decisions really beneficial to us as a whole? Did it add any value to our lives? I have learned that when I make a decision to do a, “I’m Doing Me” moment, it has to be something uplifting, life changing, empowering, growth spiritually and emotionally and carefully considered.  Why?  Because everything that we do does not just affect us, it affects the whole of us (mind, body, soul, family, finances, employment and first and far most, it affects our relationship with God). I have found that when I make mindless decisions of “I’m Doing Me” moment, most times it ends up being disastrous, destructive and hurtful and we walk away from the experience, even if its days, months or a year later; empty and broken.  Why because we did not count up the cost. We all know the upside of I’m Doing Me moment, but I want to add some food for thought to the table and talk about the downside of our “I’m Doing Me” moment. Decisions made in haste and out of our hurts and emotions can set us up for failure.  What has those rash decisions cost us? Prime Examples: Like, we want so bad to be thin and go through great lengths to be thin; from extreme dieting, bulimia and anorexia as well as extreme workouts.  What’s the exchange, when some of us have gone to these great and extreme lengths: Depressions, Hair Loss, under nourished, emotional rollercoaster as well as think of all the people that we have drug into our self-destructive journey—end result, most time we end up walking away empty, unfulfilled and broken. Or Think about how our significant other has made us a little or truth be told a lot upset and we want to prove a point that we are right and they are wrong.  “I’m Doing Me” moment has caused us to act out of our emotions and hurt—cheating, stalking (physically, facebook, twitter, cell phone, text message), reckless spending, drinking and one night stands after the other and the end result is never a favorable outcome now is it? Or We are trying to keep up with the Joneses—impulsive shopping, partying (popping bottles, if you will—or making it rain) and the end result is always again over period of time destructive all the way around.  Why? We are in debt up the ying yang, we have things and yet we are not satisfied nor filfilled, because we have not taken the time to know what to want for our individual self.  We become numb to what it is to have real friends because we have developed empty relationships in the vicious cycle. So I encourage everyone to be careful of that “I’m Doing Me” moment. I would love to hear your thoughts, humor and holler backs because I have already got up under somebody’s skin today!

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