Know, Understand, Love and Embrace Who We are In God!

You are Chosen

At times, people’s thoughts and opinions can rule and dictate our lives. We allow their thoughts and opinions of us to hold us hostage. In that time span of being held hostage to their opinions, little by little their words begin to gain footholds in our lives—our name goes from being what God called us (my anointed vessel, my prophet, preacher, teacher, man/woman of God, blessed and highly favored) to being fearful, defeated helpless, oppressed and depressed. We were defined by what they could not see, comprehend or understand about the anointing and mantles that God blessed us with nor could they understand the Glory of God’s light that shined so brightly through us.

How many times have we allowed people’s thoughts and opinions to kill our prayer life, ministry, dreams and aspirations; all because they had none of their own or their small mindedness could not see the big picture that God had revealed to us. Yes the key phrase, “God revealed the bigger picture to us, not them. Therefore, how can they have the mind of God and He never showed them His plan. But we share all the intimate things that God has shared with us and they take those things and use them against us and the ultimate demise is we miss God’s timing.

 How Do We Get Back On Track?

  •  Shut the enemy’s mouth with our Praise. Praise freezes the hand of the adversary—Separate ourselves or cut off or cut out the cancer (words or deeds of negativity, oppression, depression, fearfulness, abuse (physically, spiritually or emotionally) and worthlessness).


  • Re-establish an intimate and personal relationship with God through prayer and the Word of God to build our faith.

If we just start there, God will meet us where we are, place us where we need to be and enable us to change the course of history in our families, communities, homes and most of all ourselves.

I still say, when we:

“Know, Understand, Love and Embrace

Who we Are in God,

The enemy can’t deduce our self-worth, esteem, or dignity to nothing.

In God’s eyesight we were created for His Glory!

 Lesson:      Everybody wants to be A DIAMOND, but very few are willing to get cut. Diamonds are always under scrutiny and pressure to shine no matter what.

 Continue to be Blessed and Highly Favored in God!

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