Change is the Hearbeat of Growth!

Change is Good!

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When we say we want “Change or God is Changing Us”, we need to understand there are “Cycles of Change” we are called into.

There are different types of changes ~  Change:     To alter, modify, transform, adjust, amend, or shift.

In some instances “Change” could mean break or new circumstance.

What Cycle of Change is God orchestrating in our lives?

Is it an Alteration—meaning to rework, revise refashion or correct. There are some areas that need revising. Our visions is not working at its full potential and could use some revising, reworking and definitely refashioning so the vision God gave us can flow and be utilized effectively for the kingdom of God.

Is it a Modification—meaning to curb, reduce, restrain, restrict, limit or tone down. Sometimes in the vision God gives us we have way too many unnecessary elements that we need not have. Like people that we don’t need to accomplish the work of God. Learning to stop adding things because it sounds or make us look good but it is not part of the Plan God gave us. Realizing we can’t include everybody and everything in the vision God has given us.

Is it a Transformation—meaning renovation or conversion. Sometimes we have been working the vision and ministry a certain way for so long, we need to update and convert some aspects of our vision into one.

Is it an Adjustment or an Amendment—meaning to bend, tweak, attune, acclimate, become or grow accustomed to as well as make improvements, changes or corrections. Becoming comfortable in the vision God has given you is so important. With that being said, being comfortable will allow you to see where you can always improve the vision God has given you through prayer which brings me to my next type of change.

 Is it a Shifting—meaning to flow, fluctuate, being able to be flexible in an unstable, ever changing, irregular environment? In vision, we must learn to be flexible in any given situation or circumstance. In the most unstable situation we must be able to stay on course with the Plan of God through constant prayer and dialogue with God.

 Is it a Breaking—meaning to end, interrupt, disturb the enemy’s work—To break is to break into, have a break, take a breather or just break into, or cut into. The vision of God always disturb, interrupt and break the enemy’s work; drawing many away from the enemy’s camp. Be prayerful this is warfare prayer and praise territory.


Is it a New Circumstance—meaning condition, situation, status quo, happening or is it an episode. When we start adding and building upon the vision God has given us, it is a new episode or happening in the vision.

Either way “Change is Happening” and most of all, we need to know what kind of “Change” we are In.

 Today! We are going to overcome “disruptive change”

Discover our Strengths

Dream and Design the Better Us, We or Me.

Continue to Be Blessed and Highly Favored in God!

Today, Don’ t Just Be Great ~ Be On the Other Side of Brilliance! Registered & Protected